Founded in 1985, Infusion GB is still a privately owned business, committed to customer demands and operated to high quality standards. 
Our experience of the tea industry runs to over 50 years and every aspect of the packaging process is handled in house, even down to the maintenance of the sophisticated machinery.

At Infusion GB we believe in responsible business, hence we distinguish three key areas of importance, and call it the 3P Philosophy: People, Planet and Process.

We care about the people inside and outside our organization. We dedicate time and effort to ensure the health and safety, and make Infusion GB a favourable place for all. We also work with communities outside our organization to help make this world a better place.

We are passionate about the tea packaging process, and we strive to improve our performance at all levels of the organization. We believe that each individual Infusion GB employee can make a difference and contribute to our shared success.

We are responsible for the mark our business leaves on the planet. Therefore, we developed a strong sustainability policy, to ensure we reduce and offset any harmful impact on the environment.

Our Core Values

Collaboration – we are stronger by working together as a team.

Empowerment – we empower people to make deci­sions using their skills and knowledge.

Trust – we have confidence in our valued partners and our people to support each other.

Responsibility – we take responsibility for our actions towards the environment, our work, people, and partners.