New To Market

As a small company we recognise how difficult it is to gain a foothold and start something new.

We believe we can offer assistance to new brands and offer a service across the full spectrum - from just packing to sourcing blends, packaging, B2B logistics, or just simply offering market overviews and insights. 

We can help with Logistics and distribution as well as Product Devlopment.


Can you store my finished goods ?

We have dedicated storage where we arrange picking and preparation for despatch. As part of any agreed terms of business we can include a "free" storage level of packed stock.

Can you store my raw materials?

With capacity of up to 1800 pallets (at time of print) we can offer storage for most needs. This can be negotiated at time of contract.

Can you help with logistics?

A key service we promote is our ability to source and deliver your material and finished goods needs. With daily incoming shipments and dispatches worldwide we are well positioned to offer assistance where required.

What capacity do you have?

Envelope bags IMA C27 & C 24 bags : circa 1 billion bags