Production runs 24 hrs/day up to 7 days/week from our secure facility on the Gloucester Business Park.

Our current range offers

- String/Tag/Envelope IMA C27 & C24 bags,

- String/Tag IMA C27 & C24 bags,

- Hand Packing Service for packing in tins, pouches or display units


Can you store my finished goods ?

We have dedicated storage where we arrange picking and preparation for despatch. As part of any agreed terms of business we can include a "free" storage level of packed stock.

Can you help with distribution?

As the business has grown so has our ability to deliver B2C and we currently deal directly with all major UK retailers as well as the foodservice and heath trade. Internationally we ship around the globe, from the US right across to the Far East.

What machines do you have?

We can offer 

Enveloped bags using IMA C27 &C24 machines